10th African Congress of ImmunologyImmunology for a healthy Africa
3-7 December 2017 Hammamet, Tunisia

Scientific Program


Scientific Program



On behalf of the Scientific Committee of the 10th Congress of the Federation of African Immunological Societies (FAIS) hosted by the Tunisian Society of Immunology (STI) and organized under the umbrella of the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS), I join the organizing committee in inviting you to this continental event.

The scientific program is aimed to bring the latest developments in immunology research and clinical practice. The general theme of the Congress is ‘’Immunology for a healthy Africa’’. Indeed, we are convinced that new advances in immunology are required to save and improve human lives in our African developing countries. All major topics of immunology will be covered during the Congress. In particular, advances in immunology of infectious diseases and related vaccines development and use will remain a major focus of the Congress, as will the emerging fields of microbiome-host interactions, new innate cell subsets and immune-regulatory pathways. The impressive expansion of knowledge and concepts as well as discovery of new treatments revolutionizing the fields of cancer, autoimmunity, allergy, transplantation and immune deficiencies will be substantial part of the program. Progress in immunology is to a large extent driven by new technology and advances in molecular immunology, single-cell analysis and high-throughput sequencing will also be covered by the scientific program.

Forty outstanding immunologists from all over the world have already confirmed attendance and will be giving as many lectures on the different topics of the Congress providing overview on the latest developments in basic and clinical immunology research. We did involve many African experts and did respect gender equality. We will do our best to select the best research submitted by young African investigators and secure scholarships for the presenting authors. The program will include plenary lectures, symposia and oral presentations. Poster sessions will provide opportunities for discussion of results and ideas. Social interaction and networking will be an integral part of this exciting event.

The scientific program has been strengthened by the exceptional support and outstanding commitment of all of our partners. The IUIS Council did agree to organize its annual meeting same dates in Hammamet and many board members present did kindly accept to contribute to the scientific program of the Congress. The European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) did the same and did accept to organize its board meeting in parallel with the 10th FAIS Congress providing significant input to the Congress faculty. We would like also to acknowledge the support of the American Association of Immunologists (AAA), the Japanese Society of Immunology (JSI) and the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) for accepting to contribute outstanding speakers to be involved in the scientific program.

Hammamet is definitely the right place to be from 3rd to 7th December 2017, we are looking forward to welcome you in a fascinating resort and a wonderful country! See you soon in Tunisia!

Scientific Programm Highlights

  • Innate Immunity
  • Microbiota and mucosal immunity
  • Adaptive Immunity
  • Immunity against infections
  • Vaccinology
  • Cancer immunity
  • Tolerance and autoimmunity
  • Allergy
  • Primary Immunodeficiencies
  • Immunotherapy
  • Immune modulators
Best regards,


Ridha Barbouche
Scientific Committee, 10th FAIS Conference


Confirmed Speakers

  • Abdallah Baddou (Morocco)
  • Alberto Mantovani (Italy)
  • Alejandro J. Lopez (Australia)
  • Amadou Sall (Senegal)
  • Amel Benammar-Elgaaïed (Tunisia)
  • Angela Santoni (Italy)
  • Anis Larbi (Singapour/Tunisia)
  • Anne Cooke (UK)
  • Catherine Blish (USA)
  • Chiara Romagnani (Germany)
  • Clive Gray (South Africa)
  • Dieter Kabelitz (Germany)
  • Dorothy Yeboah-Manu (Ghana)
  • Eric Vivier (France)
  • Faith Osier (Kenya)
  • Frank Brombacher (South Africa)
  • Gail Bishop (USA)
  • Hechmi Louzir (Tunisia)
  • Henry Mwandumba (Malawi)
  • Hervé Blottière (France)
  • Janet Chou (USA)
  • Jorge Kalil (Brasil)
  • Jude Ezeh Uzonna (Nigeria, Canada)
  • Kamel Djenouhat (Algeria)
  • Kingston Mills (Ireland)
  • Kiyoshi Takeda (Japan)
  • Lorenzo Moretta (Italy)
  • Menno C. van Zelm (Australia)
  • Michael Ratcliffe (Canada)
  • Michelle Letarte (Canada)
  • Mihai Netea (Netherlands)
  • Olivier Boyer (France)
  • Olivera Finn (USA)
  • Osamu Takeuchi (Japan)
  • Pablo Engel Rocamora (Spain)
  • Patrick Mc Donald(Canada)
  • Peter Aaby (Denmark/Guinea Bissau)
  • Rene A van Lier (Netherlands)
  • Ridha Barbouche (Tunisia)
  • Robert Wilkinson (South Africa)
  • Roslyn Kemp (New Zealand)
  • Rudolf Valenta (Austria)
  • Salem Chouaïb (France/Tunisia)
  • Shigeo Koyasu (Japan)
  • Sophie Ugoloni (France)
  • Winfried Pickl (Austria)
  • YousoukeTakahama (Japan)