Immunology Meetings / Conferences

Immunology Day 2017 IgE and Allergy

DATES : 29-Apr-2017 to 29-Apr-2017
PLACE: Sfax, Tunisia

4th meeting of Translation immunology

DATES : 27-Mar-2017 to 29-Mar-2017
PLACE: Palermo, Italy

IUIS-FAIS Immune-Ethiopia 2017

DATES : 26-Feb-2017 to 05-Mar-2017
PLACE: University of Gondar

ImmunoGambia 2016 : West Africa Regional School on Immunology of Infectious Diseases

DATES : 19-Nov-2016 to 26-Nov-2016
PLACE: MRC Unit, Banjul, The Gambia

International Conference on Vaccines Research & Development

DATES : 10-Nov-2016 to 12-Nov-2016
PLACE: Cartagena, Colombia

A course focused on advances in the Immunobiology of Parasites, Pathogens and Pathogenesis

DATES : 19-Sep-2016 to 24-Sep-2016
PLACE: PWANI University, Kilifi, Kenya

International Congress of Immunology (ICI) 2016

DATES : 21-Aug-2016 to 26-Aug-2016
PLACE: Melbourne, Australia
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DATES : 13-Jul-2016 to 15-Jul-2016
PLACE: Cape Town, South Africa

10th International Congress on Autoimmunity

DATES : 06-Apr-2016 to 10-Apr-2016
PLACE: Leipzig, Germany

Cours Nord Africain d'Immunologie IUIS-FAIS ImmunoTunisia

DATES : 04-Apr-2016 to 08-Apr-2016
PLACE: Hôtel Le Royal Hammamet - Tunisie

13èmes Journées Scientifiques de la STI

DATES : 10-Mar-2016 to 12-Mar-2016
PLACE: Hôtel le Sultan ; Hammamet

5th Conference of the South African Immunology Society

DATES : 06-Mar-2016 to 09-Feb-2016
PLACE: South African