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May 18, 2022 | Call For Nominations - IUIS Elections 2022-2025 |

IUIS Executive Committee and Council Elections 2022-2025

Call for Nominations

The IUIS Constitution requires elections for governance every three years, therefore, the 2022 elections will go ahead in the absence of an in-person General Assembly, as approved by the IUIS Council.

The triennial IUIS Executive Committee and Council Elections will take place virtually from 1 October to 15 October, 2022, prior to the 18th Virtual IUIS General Assembly on Sunday, 20 November, 2022.

As a valued member of the IUIS, FAIS has the privilege to send in nominations for the following seats:

  • 2022-2025 Executive Committee (Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer)
  • 2022-2025 Council

Please refer to the following Articles of the IUIS Constitution for an overview of the categories, terms of office, duties, and electoral procedure:

  • Officers of the Union – Article 3
  • Electoral Procedure – Article 3.4
  • Council – Article 5

Criteria and instructions for candidate nominations:

  • Worthy candidates will have demonstrated scientific quality in the field of immunology and have strong management experience.
  • The IUIS promotes gender parity and diverse regional representation and requests that all nominations reflect this commitment.
  • For officer nominations, no candidate should have any other organizational role that presents itself as a conflict of interest to the duties entrusted to IUIS Executive Committee Members.

Nominations should be addressed to IUIS Secretary General, Roslyn Kemp, and sent to by Sunday, 3 July, 2022. Nominations (in PDF format) should include:

  • A personal statement
  • Updated CV with current position and contact details (first name, last name and current email address)

For election to Executive Committee (Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer) only, a 5-minute video by the candidate can also be provided and will be shared with the voting members. IUIS will contact these candidates to arrange this after the nomination deadline.

For examples of personal statements, please see existing Council member profiles.



Endorsements are NOT required, but can be included in the candidate profiles. Endorsements will only be allowed under the following circumstances:

  • They must come from one of the designated bodies/individuals who are indicated in IUIS Constitution article 3.4.1 as eligible to nominate candidates (e.g. Member Societies, Council and General Assembly Members – see IUIS Constitution article 4.2.1). The updated 2022 General Assembly list will be posted by 1 September, 2022 on the IUIS website.
  • All endorsements must be received by the IUIS Central Office ( by 15 September, 2022.
  • A list of endorsements will then be added to the bottom of each profile on the candidate overview document provided online ahead of the voting period.