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September 18, 2019 | FAIS President Honoured | London

Our FAIS President Dr Henry Mwandumba has been awarded the prestigious Royal Society Africa Prize for 2019. The award recognises innovative contributions to the biological science which contribute to capacity building in Africa. Congratulations to Henry!

Royal Society Africa Prize winner 2019

The Royal Society Africa Prize 2019 is awarded to Dr Henry Mwandumba for his novel work in description of the TB phagosome in HIV infected alveolar macrophages and his leadership in the College of Medicine in Malawi.

Dr Mwandumba will be awarded a medal and a grant of £11,000 towards his research project at a symposium to be held in Autumn 2019.

The award

The Royal Society Africa Prize is to recognise research scientists based in Africa who are making an innovative contribution to the biological sciences, including basic medical science, which contributes significantly to capacity building in Africa. The medal is of bronze, and is accompanied by a gift of £1,000. The prize was previously the Royal Society Pfizer Award which was last awarded in 2016.

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