Training Opportunities Hybrid Event


Immune Dysregulation and Infection


6-10 December 2021


Hybrid Event:

Onsite (Hammamet, Tunisia) for Tunisian participants
Online for international participants

Free Registration


Course aims and objectives:

– To delineate the cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune responses to infections.

– To discuss the strategies developed by pathogens to evade immune responses.

– To learn from the models of Inborn errors of immunity the critical pathways involved in genetic susceptibility to infections.

– To get acquainted with the contribution of the infectious agents to emergence of cancers and autoimmune diseases

– To address development of new vaccines and innovative therapeutic strategies in light of the interactions between the immune system and microorganisms.

Requirements to apply:

This 5-day course is open to MSc and PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, physicians, and scientists in the early stages of their careers, who are interested in the research or applied aspects of this topic. Applicants will mostly be from Africa.


– Stable internet is a pre-requisite.

– All course activities will be in English.

– An Online pre-course on will be mandatory 4 weeks before Immuno-Tunisia

– Priority will be given to African applicants; a limited number of international applicants will be accepted.


Application deadline: 8 October 2021

Download the advert – Immuno-Tunisia 2021 – Flyer.pdf